A dystopia

Death as a bridge to life

This project is a dystopian vision of a post-manufacturing era where growth is the architectural element of life, and thus death becomes a linking resource in the process.

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This is a manifesto on life and death 
We welcome you as friends
The year is 2093

This is a dystopia
The outer layer of your skin is no longer the boundary of self
Infinite resources become fractal objects
In death, matter is new life
The earth is in equilibrium
All resources live together in layers of organic matter
The age of manufacturing is over
Growth is architecture
The city is no longer a model of a living organism
It is our most complex organ
Death is our final choice for new life
The organized matter of your body gives life to another system
Death is our controlled state of mind
Your last place creates new links
Power is no longer captive in one’s individual architecture
Immortality is an irrelevant existence
Matter becomes a new composition
Structure emerges in the form of function
Death becomes a bridge to matter
And you are matter

A video project realised within 72 hours in collaboration with
Verónica Avila (El Salvador | Architecture)
Benjamin Royal (Australia | Industrial Design)