Portrait of Ireland

An ode to a Tolkien land of greens, golds, and magic.

Photo by Nils Nedel on Unsplash

The convenience of the airport may ward some American travelers off from extensive travel by bus, rail, or sea in Europe. The flight from London to Dublin is an hour long. The train schedules and the terminals can be confusing. Why undergo the hassle of two trains, a stopover in a Welsh port town and a ferry? The answer falls somewhere along the lines of that old adage, it’s the journey that makes the destination worthwhile.

We would arrive at Dublin Port in the early evening, on a ferry from Wales.

In Dublin, we walked much, we saw the church of St. Patrick, we went to Dublin Castle, to the Beatte Library.

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash
Photo by Kelan Chad on Unsplash

Paul the tour guide became Paul the bus driver became Paul the storyteller and the feeling in the air was the same as that of a transcontinental family road trip.

Photo by Kelly Kiernan on Unsplash

Remember the tale that Paul told us? The one of the faerie that took as their place of habitation, the Underworld? So said Paul: “There are five portals to the Underworld in Ireland; Doolin is one of them.”

Photo by Wim Pauwels on Unsplash

Through the holes in the lace of the curtains I can see the laundry outside, hanging on the line, billowing. There are mugs brimming with steaming tea and mason jars full of honey waiting for us at the wooden tables.

Writer, philosopher, nomadic storyteller, citizen of the world; http://www.AngelikaLankina.com

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