MAP Fertilizers for a Perfect Yield

A fertilizer is a chemical or a natural substance, which is added to the soil or plants for the growth of the plants or crops. It provides the essential nutrients and improves the effectiveness of soil by retaining its water content. It also improves the level of aeration in the soil.
The various nutrients which are provided by a fertilizer are listed as below: 
• Nitrogen: It is essential for growth of the leaves.
• Phosphorous: It helps in the growth of roots, seeds, flowers, and fruits.
• Potassium: It strengthens the stems and speeds up the process of growth of flowers and fruits.
Other micronutrients which are provided by fertilizers are copper, iron, magnesium, molybdenum, boron, zinc, silicon, cobalt, and vanadium. The plants easily get carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen from the air and water, which are naturally available, but nitrogen and phosphate required by plants is not available in the natural form. So fertilizers fulfil this requirement by providing this element in fixed form.
MAP fertilizers are widely used in the agricultural fields for thriving an ultimate produce. The full form of MAP fertilizer is mono ammonium phosphate. It can be used on all types of crop segments. In this fertilizer, the nitrogen and phosphorus are prevalent in every granule size. It is a granular product which is cost-effective and contains ample amount of phosphorus. In MAP, nitrogen is present in the form of ammonium. When added to the soil, the fertilizers have an acidic reaction with soil and thus, increase the PH balance of the soil. It is an extremely preferred fertilizer for the proper growth of plants and crops in the agricultural field. It is free from ammonia and does not affect the germination of seeds. It is used as a starter and during the course of sowing pastures. 
• It can be stored for a long period of time in a covered shed, as it does not get damaged due to the moisture uptake.
• It should not be exposed to the moist air. 
• The MAP fertilizers should not be stored in silos.
As MAP has a low sulfur content, it should not be used on crops which require a high content of sulfur like canola.
The providers of MAP fertilizer should make use of the finest grade chemical compounds and modern techniques, to produce a high-quality product. They should offer it in various quantity packs, to meet the variegates requirements of the market. By adhering to the standards and guidelines laid down by the industry, these entities can surely become the market leader.