The Many Attributes of Frankincense Oil

Frankincense oil is also known as olibanum. It is an essential oil used while practicing aromatherapy. It has been used in India since the ancient times. The aroma of frankincense oil is well-renowned around the globe. It infuses new energy into the life of a person. The oil is added by the most beauty enthusiasts in their beauty regimen to get a healthy and radiant skin.
The oil has an earthy aroma that uplifts the user’s senses and connects them to the spiritual world. It is used during the meditation process to collect all the positive thoughts. The oil plays a good role in awakening the thoughts, increasing the brain power, promoting the feeling of forgiveness and bringing out the highest potential.

• The oil can be used in homes or offices to elevate the spiritual experience. 
• It is also added to daytime cream or night cream or in moisturizer to increment the natural beauty.
Many people use this oil during their yoga practice session in their daily routine and post practice massage. For topical application, only two to four drops are applied directly to the desired area. For aromatic use, the aroma stays up to 1 hour and can be used 3 times daily. It is advisable to keep the oil out of reach of children. The oil should be kept away from eyes and mucous membranes. In the case of pregnancy condition, feeding or nursing mothers or any other medical conditions the oil should be used only after consulting a doctor. 
The oil is quite flammable in nature and should not be used close to fire flame, heat or sparks. It should not be stored above room temperature. The oil is known for its therapeutic and healing properties. The oil has several health benefits such as relieve chronic stress, anxiety, lower pain, inflammation, improves immunity and helps to fight cancer. The main ingredient in frankincense oil is Boswells carte. The oil is used in two ways, i.e., by the way of inhalation and by applying it on skin. The oil has several beauty benefits also, as it helps in fighting skin ageing, removing from acne & blemishes, and controlling wrinkles. It lifts the skin cells and lightens the skin naturally.
Looking at the uses, there are many exporters who deal with the frankincense oil and provide it at the leading market prices. The oil has a high demand in the market owing to its uses and benefits. These exporters should source the Frankincense oil from the authorized vendors only in order to get quality and purity.
Thus, it can be concluded that the frankincense oil is irreplaceable and appreciated by all.