The Entrance to the United States Olympic Training Center: My Home for the Next Five Years
Training Equipment for Nightly Practice
A Small Practice working on the Art of Newaza, or Groundwork
My Sprained Ankle After Running Sprints Before Practice
Bikes Used for Cardio when an Athlete is too Injured to Practice Judo
Teammates Practicing the Art of Tachiwaza, or Standing Techniques, at a Cuban Training Camp
The Strength and Conditioning Center at the Olympic Training Center, Not All Practices are Just Judo
Athletes have Make Hundreds of Sacrifices for their Art, This is a Typical Meal While Cutting Weight
Flying into Mexico City for the Panamerican Olympic Festival
Cutting Water Weight Before a Tournament, I Lost 3 Kilograms (6.6 Lbs) of Water Weight this day
My Fight Bracket for a Tournament
The Venue of my First International Tournament, where I First Realized that Judo was My Way of Making Art in the World.