Choose The Unusual Cut: Pear Shaped Loose Diamond

Each type of loose diamond has a property of its own and there can be various shapes of loose diamonds. Round, pear, marquise, oval, emerald, radiant, princess and heart are some of the examples of the more popular shapes. While selecting any of these fancy cuts, one must have some idea about them. Knowing basic information, like how many facets a particular cut carries, not only helps in choosing the right cut but also in knowing the just price of a stone. Most of the times, these loose stones are used as the central stone in a setting. These stones can accentuate the beauty of any jewelry but placing smaller stones around them is not an uncommon practice really. It depends mostly on the budget and the individual preferences.

The most famous cut is the brilliant cut with a round shape. Out of every 5 loose diamonds sold, four are round shaped with brilliant cut. This cut carries 25 pavilions, 33 corner facets so in total 58 facets. This is why this cut radiates maximum brilliance. This cut is also known as American ideal cut. Marquise cut comes second in number of facets. However, when we compare the price, marquise cut diamonds give us almost equal brilliance while costing considerably less.

However, coming to the topic of this article, let’s discuss pear shaped stones. When you are choosing pear shaped loose diamonds, you should look for levelled shoulders and properly shaped head with an ideal length to width ratio of 3:2 or 7:4. Rings made from pear shaped loose diamonds make the fingers look longer. Due to its longish look, it can go very well with pendants and drops.

Due to the longish look, these stones go well with longer hands. In longer fingers, the ring wouldn’t cover up much of the finger itself. However, in smaller fingers, the stone would do the exact opposite and the effect would not be ideal. heart shaped loose diamonds have often been chosen for engagement rings as well. The rather unique shape of the stone often makes it a favorite for people who want to stand out.

Marquise cut loose diamonds cost less as well, compared to some other unusual cuts. However, price shouldn’t be the only criterion to make the purchase decision. One should always ask and verify if the particular stone is GIA certified. Only then the true value of the stone can be realized.

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