Different Popular Cuts Of Loose Diamonds

The price of any diamond is determined by the shape of the stone. Different types of diamonds are available in the market. Some of the popular cuts of diamond are princess, round, brilliant, pear, marquise and others. However, the price also depends on the clarity, color and cut of the diamond. Let us read about some of the popular shapes in more details.

Round diamonds are used in engagement rings and are one of the most popular shapes. They need four prongs to hold them in places. The base of the stone is called pavilion, the top is crown while the mid-section on the stone is the girdle. This cut is known for its sparkle and shine and carries 58 facets.

A pear shaped loose diamond is a hybrid of round and marquise shapes. You can wear it in two styles, pointed up or pointed down. It has been noted that when you wear a ring containing a pear shaped diamond with the pointed end of the stone pointing towards the nails, it gives the finger an elongated look.

However, heart shaped diamonds are probably best for a romantic gift. Heart shape diamonds are actually pear shaped diamond with a cleft in it. It looks great on rings, bracelets and pendants. If you are purchasing a heart shape diamond, it is important that you check the width and length ratio of the diamond. Generally, these diamonds are great to gift on Valentine’s Day or during engagements as they are very romantic.

Emerald cut diamonds are rectangular and have cut corners. Obviously, this cut contains long lines and surfaces which help to reflect the light amply. Generally, this was a cut for the emerald and this is a rather classy cut for diamonds.

In 1902, the Asscher Brothers developed this cut and Asscher cut is almost like a square-cut emerald shaped diamond. This stone shape needs the support of four prongs but looks great in the modernistic designs of jewelry.

The latest cut in Diamond industry is the princess cut which combines two popular cuts, the round and the square. The four corners of the princess shaped diamonds are prone to chips and dents, so make sure the corners are protected. These are used for multiple purposes nowadays.

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