Radiant Cut Diamond- The Best Choice To Give Both Flash And Fire To Your Engagement Ring

Marriage is the most auspicious bonding which is believed to be made in heaven. So to make it a memorable one, people love to gift diamond rings to their fiancé. But people get confused which diamond to buy as there are lot of options and brands available in the market. If you are really looking for a diamond which must have both flash and fire in a square cut then radiant cut diamonds can be the best choice. To know more details about it let us check all the details of a radiant cut diamond which can be an excellent helping guide to buy your engagement ring.

Detailed guide for radiant cut diamonds

The radiant cut diamond has a square shape with trimmed corners, it has both fire and brilliance of a round cut and square cut diamonds. The radiant cut diamond was created in the middle of 1970 by Master Henry Grossbard. This diamond cut has super perfection as it is the blend of emerald cut and brilliant round cut diamond. The radiant cut diamond is deep, fancy and so bright that even diamond with less than a carat has the same vigor.

The radiant cut diamonds has trimmed edges which makes it more durable and less chance of breakage, and more over it does not have sharp edges which can get stuck to your hair or clothes. The radiant cut is the most versatile cut so it even looks dynamic in less than a carat or in small sizes.

Radiant cut diamond rings look fantastic as a solitaire or in a cluster in a wedding band. It look s extremely eye catching. The color tints, the blemishes and the other inclusions are not visible in a radiant cut diamond. Radiant cut diamonds with 72 facets would be the best option to provide perfect brilliance. There are two color grades to consider AGS and GIA. According to GIA color grade I and for clarity SI2 is the best one. As per AGS color grade 3 and for clarity 5 and above is considered as the best one.

To buy the best diamond, it is better to know all the pros and cons so that you can have the best one for you. Nowadays there are a lot of varieties available online you can choose from the vast stock available. But it is always advisable to start your search early so that you can make the right choice.

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