Top 5 Places You Can Explore With Your Girl Gang

They say “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, but there are plenty of things girls have a weakness for, and traveling is definitely one of them. Well, if there is another thing women are sweet on, besides their friendships, is their girlfriends. Girls travel to India so that they can make the most of this fabulous country with mind-blowing tourist destinations lying in abundance.

They need no excuse for gossiping, shopping, vodka martinis, indulging in pillow fights and nail painting, listening to their old favourite numbers, and the list is endless.

Here are the best five places in India you would enjoy the best when accompanied by your besties:


With its multi-coloured houses, plush green fields and comforting laid-back atmosphere, what can be the perfect destination to explore than Goa for a trip including girls only? Goa, one of the hottest holiday destinations not only in India but all around the world, is the most incredible destination to give a touch of discovery to by a gang including the members belonging to the fairer sex.

The stunning villages of Goa are deemed suitable for that relaxing morning walk or evening stroll leading to possibly nowhere with your girl gang.

Regarded as a cultural hub, boasting its traditional eateries and markets, private beaches, swanky 5-star hotels etc, be prepared to spoil for choice along with your besties. Go on partying until late night enjoying a vibrant nightlife with your ladies.

2. Shimla

Visit Shimla — one of the most popular hill stations in India attracting holidaymakers from all over. Rejuvenate yourself with your ladies in the midst of calmness of beautiful mountains in Shimla. Enjoy ice skating, trekking and other great adventurous activities around here.

3. Udaipur

Won’t you agree that cruising on the cool glittery waters of Lake Pichola with your girl gang is the best thing to do? Absolutely! Gorgeous and easygoing, Udaipur is the ideal place to let your hair down with your gang of girls.

4. Puducherry

Want to grab a slice of pure tranquility on your trip with your girlfriends? Look no further than Puducherry. Similar to one of the French cities in appearance, Puducherry will fascinate you deep inside with its irresistible charm. Don’t miss its beautifully cobbled roads, yellow colonial-style houses and the uncontaminated air.

Puducherry is a quiet place with friendly people and making it a perfect tourist spot for women travelers.

5. Sikkim

Sikkim, lying in East India, is completely blessed with spotless natural beauty. Are you a part of girls only traveling group on its venture to find the flawless glory in India, then Sikkim is a must stop destination for you and your girls to explore. The charming Buddhist monasteries, stunning valleys, sky-kissing mountains and a lot more make up most of this incredible destination.

You surely must have heard “Why should boys have all the fun?”, then you would have figured out by now that girls too can set up their plan to enjoy some of the most exotic destinations in India. Girls travel to India to spend time with their besties, which is the most amazing therapy they can ever relish, and whoever said it was so right.

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