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Jun 18 · 2 min read

The communication between individuals and business interactions has changed ever since the advent of the Whatsapp app in mobile phones. Both the individuals and the business doers are profited from the Whatsapp application. Whatsapp frequently sends updates over-the-air that includes new features to enhance the user experience. The customized instant messaging app developed using the Whatsapp clone app has proved to be effective for any industry.

Whatsapp business app for iPhone

After receiving requests and suggestions from the business people around the world, Whatsapp launched its new version named ‘Whatsapp for business’. This Whatsapp Business app is exclusively launched in countries like India, US, UK, Mexico, Brazil, and Germany. The app development work is still on a process for other countries too and will be launched in the upcoming weeks. Small scale industries are the primary target of the app by which the entrepreneurs are connected to their customers instantly

Whatsapp Tipline Feature

Whatsapp’s faster means of communication also found many limitations on its journey for more than a decade. Especially, the rumors are spread over Whatsapp circle quickly as other useful messages are circled. To overcome this, Whatsapp has introduced the Tipline feature which gives trust badge to the forwarded message. Once users come across a suspicious message, they can report it to the information center. Whenever a user shares the suspicious message, he/she will receive a response from the center whether the message is false or true.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

The Whatsapp picture-in-picture mode is introduced for the desktop users through which they can watch videos from Facebook, YouTube, Streamable and Instagram through a small multi-window opened. This enables users to read the message as well as to view videos simultaneously.

Biometric Authentication Support

Whatsapp has introduced a new feature that enables the user to lock and unlock the app using their Touch ID or Face ID. The user can also set their desired interval of time after which the biometric should be requested.


The customized app developed using the clone app directs entrepreneurs to excel their business. Instant messaging is recognized as a powerful medium between customers and entrepreneurs.

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