Whats Our GO-TROOPS Biggest Satisfaction

In the last 3 years, GO-LIFE has shown a significant growth. We start from operating in Jakarta and now we are operating in 28 big cities in Indonesia. That makes me wonder about GO-TROOPS who have been working with us since the beginning GO-LIFE was born, particularly about how working in GO-LIFE develops them to become who they are now. So I intend to know more about their experiences by asking simple questions to several GO-TROOPS who have been with GO-LIFE since day one.

Four GO-TROOPS claim that they are not just working for money, as there are other values that bring joy and pleasure to their work. For instance, feeling satisfied over your job is super important to improve work. It helps you realize the things that make your daily job more enjoyable. Now that we know job satisfaction is essential, we might want to know what affects these four GO-TROOPS’ satisfactions. Here are what I learn.

Fityananda Musthika, Marketing at GO-LIFE

Fityananda Musthika from our Marketing Team who has been working in GO-LIFE since 2015 said that participating in giving social impact through her work has become her satisfaction.

“Knowing there are so many GO-LIFE talents that have been empowered by our work is one of my biggest satisfaction. I once met one of GO-MASSAGE therapist who was a single mom; she joined GO-MASSAGE hoping that she could give her child a better financial condition. She started as a therapist and now she has successfully become a senior therapist trainer in one of Indonesia’s big city. Witnessing my work has changed someone’s life is really something special to me.” Other than social impact, unlimited learning opportunity in GO-LIFE is something that makes Thika enjoys her job.

“Here at GO-JEK, not just GO-LIFE, people believe that you are an expert in your field. They put 100% trust in you, and with that trust, I push myself to achieve something bigger than what I think I can do.”
Ryan Dwi Putra, Product Manager at GO-LIFE

I also talked with one of our Product Manager, Ryan Dwi Putra. He said that he has been working in GO-LIFE since the very beginning and it has given him the opportunity to learn many new things. “I’ve been joining GO-LIFE team since the day we are preparing for internal testing, and seeing yourself being a part of something incredible is delightful.” Ryan said that his biggest satisfaction was knowing that he actually helped a lot of GO-LIFE talents in improving their lives.

“Seeing GO-LIFE talents when they are working or even just seeing them on the street is making me happy to know I can help them with my works.”
Royani Wulandari, Operations Manager Semarang at GO-LIFE

Royani Wulandari, our Operations Manager in Semarang, also stated that being able working with GO-LIFE in giving social impact across Indonesia has become one of her motivations in giving her best in work. “Hearing many talents sincerely say that working as GO-LIFE talents has changed their lives really touched my heart.” Simple things that are really meaningful and motivate her is when she received an email saying that her performance for the last quarter was fascinating. “I just gave my best in work. I didn’t realize that people would recognize me when I achieve beyond my target these last two quarters. It really makes me happy knowing that people in GO-JEK HQ noticed my hard work.”

Royani also mentioned that she realized there are many Indonesian citizens who are not aware of using technology in daily basis.

“Our GO-LIFE talents, even GO-JEK drivers, are often not tech-savvy. I realize that this does not only help them improve financially, but we also help them to become more aware of technology.”
Adrianus Johan, Product Manager at GO-LIFE

Speaking of technology, one of our Product Manager, Adrianus Johan, said that he was so lucky to work in GO-LIFE since we were just developing our first products until now that we have 7 products in total.

“Every 6 months, we have significant changes. I am so lucky to be a part of every changes. Seeing that GO-LIFE has grown is very exciting.”

Johan also realizes that social impact value has motivated him in order to gives his best at work. “ I once interviewed talents where she was so thankful we built GO-GLAM. She said that working as GO-GLAM talent gave her flexibility in terms of working hours so she could take care of her child while keeping to support her family financially.”

We all have different satisfaction at work, many GO-TROOPS satisfaction is knowing they are giving an impact to others. While some of them satisfied when their work has help their company to achieve their mission. Whats your biggest satisfaction at work?

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