A Year in the Pursuit of Good Stories

I should’ve known this would have happened

Falling into the curse of a Good Story

Senior year of high school, my mother asked me what I wanted to study in college

Maybe journalism, I answered. Who doesn’t love a good story?

I love a good story

Glued to VHS tapes, movie theaters, the endless library catalog, I knew where to find them

But mostly, I wanted to live them

So I became a journalist

Not by study (it’s a dying career, my parents said)

But by conversation

I learned that most people do not do what they want to do

Mostly due to fear, self doubt, insecurity, lack of conviction or convenience

Maybe even imagination

And so, creating a good story is not a hard thing to do at all

If you have done what someone else hasn’t, it will make a good story simply by novelty and curiosity, sometimes envy

The glory of a good story

Your golden ticket to a place at the table

But like I mentioned, there is a curse of the Good Story

Just as the journalist falls into the temptation of spinning fictional intrigue

So do I

Movies are not real life

Not even non-fiction books are real life

The good story is not a starting point, should not be the root from which your decisions stem

There is a difference between chasing a good story and a good life

One helps you be a riveting dinner guest and conversationalist

The other is quieter, less prepared to speak, but leaves the table full, always full

Everyone else leaves hungry

I was born a listener and a storyteller

Just as my ancestors were

And those before them

Now they tell me

Leave the shelter of the well-spun short story

Enter the unmarked road of a well-lived life

Listen to the heart song unfolding deep inside

Leave with new eyes

Full of Purpose

Full of Thanks

Full of stories meant just for you

I want to stop chasing good stories

I want to start pursuing a good life