Lowering Expectations

Long ago,

I planted a tree

Named it Love

Watched it grow

A resting place for blue jays

One day,

I saw an eagle

Flying overhead

Wings spread wide

Beautiful and magnificent

I knew then

I wanted to be its resting place

I spent hours

Built a nest on the tallest branch

of Love

Called it Expectations

Blue jays flocked to and fro

But never stayed

The branch grew and grew

No eagle

Don’t settle

Don’t compromise

Aim higher

It should meet your Expectations

They said


A friend took me on a walk

A long way down a path

Through many forests

Far from my tree

Looking at my tree

I know now

What I need to do

And so I lower my Expectations

Put it in a safe place

Take my axe to the tree

Shovel up the roots

Plant them in a new land

The Land of eagles

Wait for Love to grow

For the day I can re-set my Expectations