Windy days

On April 10, 1996, the fastest wind speed not related to tornadoes was recorded at Barrow Island in Australia at 253 mph.

It’s possible to be survived by something but live unconsciously unaware of its existence

Until its deliberate movement makes itself known

The breeze brushing over my face

The wind tangling through my hair

A reminder of the air all around when the constant inhalation isn’t enough

253 mph

Strong enough to topple over decades old trees firmly sown in the earth

Destroy concrete buildings into pieces unrecognizable

No one questions its existence

No one dares claim that the trees are moving on their own

Or that the buildings are deconstructing themselves

What evidence does one need when they can so evidently feel it, too?

Think about this the next time someone tells you it is silly to feel moved by that which you cannot see.