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In this extremely modern society we live in today, celebrities are people we look up to. From kids as young as one to teenagers to older adults, we see many of them as inspiration, role models, idols, hard workers, and the list could go on. There are a great amount of well known people/ celebrities who are currently using their platform to change the lives of those who are in need and slowly aiming to change the world one step at a time. Now that we live in a society that uses social media almost every second of the day, it is one step easier for celebrities to voice out and promote their most favorite brands and top companies. Not only does it benefit celebrities in sharing with the world their newesr and most favorite brand of clothing, but it allows companies to make more profit, gain new customers, and achieve their dreams of becoming the most successful company they can potentially be. Having celebrity endorsements in advertisements is one of the most effective ways to sell and it is no wonder why many companies are using this simple strategy. Celebrity endorsements truly have the power to inspire customers and that is why more companies should be motivated to use them.

Without a single doubt, celebrities can be some of the most influential people to a person’s life and because these celebrities have the power to make such a big impact on an individual, it creates this feeling of trust between a person and the celebrity. When you look up to someone, you admire their passions and their goals and a majority of the time, you like what they like. When someone you aspire to be talks about how amazing a specific product is, you believe them and you start to become curious about the product. This whole situation results in a number of people now wanting to try the product because they trust the person promoting it. The goal is truly for the companies to have a bigger audience. With that being said, the bigger and more influential a celebrity is, the moe consumers a company will get and a bigger audience will be reached. A large-follower base is the key criterion for any brand out there. Moreover, the perceived credibility is higher since customers are more likely to attribute credibility to a company that is endorsed by a celebrity they trust.Any advertisement that features any well known person creates attention and generates awareness of the product. For example, a really well-loved local pianist could draw attention to your musical instruments shop. Not only do celebrity endorsements benefit top name companies, but it also helps those companies who are wanting to get their name out there. The use of a celebrity in an advertisement may also help to breathe life into a failing brand.

Having a celebrity involved in promoting a product does not just heighten up sales, but it also aides in the idea of personifying a brand name. Celebrity marketing means that the attributes of the celebrity automatically get transferred to the brand. Let us take for example, if a company, who was known for being either dull or boring, decides to hire an actor, the brand’s image and reputation will automatically turn into something glamorous and exciting! A celebrity will make sure that the brand matches his/her personality and that is directly reflected to the audience. Consider one of the most recent celebrity advertisements when the car brand Porsche signed the tennis player Maria Sharpova. They chose her to represent the brand for her well known power and elegance that she brings when she is playing the tennis game. This is what companies call a very perfect association because the power and elegance that Maria shows is the same power and elegance a Porsche car portrays. Another example that shows just how successful a celebrity endorsement can be is the Calvin Klein and Justin Bieber campaign. This advertisement was able to bring so much awareness to the brand name. The campaign included several shots of Bieber posing with Lara Stone and, within 48 hours of the launch, #mycalvins generated 1.6 million Twitter mentions, the campaign received five times as many mentions as Kim Kardashian’s Paper Magazine’s naked cover shoot and in January 2015, the campaign became one of the top Facebook trends. Plus, the Justin Bieber-Calvin Klein Underwear Spring 2015 video now has 10.5 million views. And lastly, the main goal, the brand reported an increase in apparel sales following Bieber’s endorsement.

From the clear-cut evidence, it is no secret that celebrity endorsements make a huge difference when trying to achieve sales. Yes, there are risks when it comes to involving celebrities. However, is not everything we do in life come with risks as well? A celebrity endorsement is an effective and smart technique and it will only do more good than harm. No wonder top name companies have been using celebrities since the eighteenth century.

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