Apologize for one thing every day. Some days it can be for a minor screwup you made that day, others can be for a previous major incident you’d wished you handled differently. But each day you’ll get more comfortable saying sorry and build more trust and credibility with the people you apologize to.
The 5 Most Valuable Skills You Can Develop For Free
Josh Spector

I agree that taking responsibility is very important, but saying sorry too much can lead to lower self-confidence and trivialize the meaning of your ‘I’m sorry’ to others. If you believe that you did the best thing at that time with your given knowledge and etc, but it wasn’t the best course of action. Maybe approaching the affected individual and talking about how I can improve things in the future. Along with what results they wanted may be more effective than a standard I’m sorry… Some people do need to say I’m sorry more often, but a large majority of people I know say it too much.

Great article though, I honestly really enjoy reading it! The content is clear and lessons are on point, I just felt like I had to say something about this. I look forward to reading more of your writing.