Your Baby Boomer Mom’s Use of Technology Is Incredible, Not Embarrassing
Alana Hope Levinson

Yuck. Another patronizing article talking about Baby Boomers as doddering oldsters incapable of handling tech. Bill Gates is a Baby Boomer. Steve Jobs was a Baby Boomer. Most of the Boomers still in the workforce (and, yes, there are plenty) have spent the majority — if not all — of their careers immersed in tech of various sorts. But like any other demographic, there are certainly those who immerse themselves and those who merely dabble. But by all means, let’s lump them all together, including the people who invented the tools and code that have evolved into social media, and paint them all like Mr. (& Mrs. ) Magoo, going blindly and obliviously through the landscape in their feeble and funny way. Silly Boomers.