Transgender People and “Biological Sex” Myths
Julia Serano

Bravissima Julia!!! This is the best article on sex and gender that I have ever read and far better written than I ever could have done myself! What I know for sure is that with H.R.T. for trans women I have been able to unleash all sorts of emotions that beforehand would tend to get stuck inside of me and as a result at times I would get outbursts of distress, sometimes severe. I never was all that sure for the longest time just how feminine I really am even though all the gender-of-the-brain tests I have taken online read me as very feminine! After all, I liked to do many things which were considered masculine and was very much into physical activities and I still am even at my elderly age but this is another topic. I certainly know from personal experience how complex the masculine/feminine characteristics can be in Terran Humans and you explain well how this is so! I hope now that I have even more fuel for retaliation against the many bigots which there are and can now better explain the complexities of sex and gender than I could before!

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