Trying To Live Right

Can you silence the memories, that are already assaulting me?

In my world, it’s so hard to find, one minute of peace of mind.

I’m desperate to feel, something real.

Inside I’m lost. How many lines have I crossed?

Emotionally, I’m so drained. From crying I once refrained.

But now I let all the tears flow. Where did all the time go?

Inspiration, it rarely strikes. But I guess that’s not true tonight.

As I lay here writing this, confused so much by what I miss.

I wonder how I can face the rude awakening of dawn. Am I really that far gone?

Unable to deal, not willing to give myself time to heal.

I love myself, don’t I? Can’t I give it one more try?

I need to face the self-doubt, and discover what life is truly about. I guess I feel better now, letting this all out, in what probably won’t be the last letter as I wander along this road of life, trying to make my own route.

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