Women are being stingy, and it’s killing our professional networks

Firstly, this has not been my experience at all. Women have definitely supported and promoted me along the way, and I have not experienced a great disparity between men and women in this.

The disparity, in my experience, has been in the number of ASKS I receive compared to my male counterparts, so this suggestion that women should just say YES all across town seems exhausting to me. To be clear, an ask for a tweet or an introduction is a far less exhausting ask than some others which essentially require me to provide research and/or unpaid volunteer hours to any and all efforts to advance girls in STEM and/or women in tech. Or to do the work to make sure area tech events have women represented on stage and in the audience. So, yeah, I evaluate and consider these asks and have some clear guidelines I follow about where and when my time is best spent. No apologies. I’m a little frustrated that women taking care of themselves and being thoughtful about their boundaries being called “being stingy.”

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