Angelique Slob
Apr 30, 2018 · 1 min read

Hi Patrick, thanks! I am not aware of projects that aim at individuals, preparing them for new careers or jobs when theirs are at risk to be taken over by automaton of robotics.

And in my experience, people in general are not quick to take action to prepare themselves for changes they can’t oversee. And most people (including me) don’t even know about how far these technologies already are and how robotics and AI will have influenced the labor market in 5 years from now. Developments are going so quickly that many people can’t keep up (think about the Facebook case recently), let alone foresee what the consequences are.

I work in the field of startups, tech and knowledge based industries, where the challenges and organisations are getting more complex. The need for the individual to adapt for the future is more concrete in those areas and Talent Development is an theme I work on with my clients.

But I share your concern on a broader scale, for jobs that are at risk! if you come across projects in that area, please share with me!

Angelique Slob

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Explorer of the Future of Work and founder of HelloMondayClub. Supporting future-minded founders and CEO’s from over the world creating awesome organisations.

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