The Importance of a Digital Construction Productivity Platform

Angelita Sewald
Aug 20, 2018 · 2 min read

This is a platform that is used by a site owner to help in the daily activities of the workers such as the reporting. This platform is usually a software on the mobile phone that is design to track and manage the day’s activities without having to be physically available as the owner. This platform allows you to approve or disapprove the workers in reference to their conduct and productivity. The software manages the working shifts and tells which shift is ending for another one to start. The platform provides for the workers and the executive to work as a team to be more productive. This platform performs in a way that allows the workers to air their questions to their superiors to allow them work appropriately. Visit us at

The workers do not have to wait for instructions from their superiors to start work since it manages the worker’s time and amount of hours they are supposed to work. They are also able to know when the shift is over to give them time to relax. The workers do not have to waste time since while working since the platform will notify the owner of the site that there are workers who are not performing their duties properly. This platform allows the owner to track the productivity of even the superior workers and recognizes the most hardworking ones. This platform will enable you to track the material usage, as any needed material has to be reported to you for approval. One is able to track the spending of the workers on the materials and products by tracking the buying and ordering of products on the platform.

The owner is able to relax at their convenience knowing that the work is done in accordance to their desires. The workers are able to improve on their productivity since they want to be ranked best. The reporting of this platform allows consistent reporting of activities whereby you can create the foreman as the assistant to the platform to report to you when you are unavailable. The work is always done effectively since the platform allows you to replace the non-performing workers with the most productive ones. This platform will save you on costs of employing more that one foreman since the it does most of the work and in turn reports the day’s activities to you at the end. It allows you to interact with the workers to solve any issues that they may encounter while working. View here.