The 2020s gives us a new definition to love , how we can show our love to our beloved one’s, that itself is all turned out to be DISTANCING. The best way to love others is by keeping social distancing from one another.

Back 1918s there were a widespread pandemic which takes around 9 crore lives all over the world . Now,the history is repeating after 100 years . Earlier if that huge devastation is created because of Spanish flu and now it’s turns out to be CORONA VIRUS .

Think deeply that all the developed and developing nations bent their knees infront of a small virus, which sized only nanometers. This small tiny virus has the capacity to shake the backbone of nations and yet they didn’t understand that it can shake them from ground level.

So , all Im trying to say about the new way to love other’s is to keep distance from others . Atleast that can help to prevent the spread of the disease in community and keep our nation from stage 3 . This stage is a crucial stage and we wanted to take extra care to prevent that From happening.

So love other’s by keeping your distance from others.

Keep distance from your neighbours.

Keep distance from your family.

Keep distance from your co-workers.

Keep distance from your friends.

Keep distance from your children.

Keep distance from your old parents.

Keep distance from all person which you encounter in everyday.

This is the least thing we can do by ourselves.

If everyone in the world tried to practice like this , it’ll make the work easy for all the health care members and to our nation.

Everyone can become the fighters , not only the government officels and health care workers , but we can also be a part of it by keeping the distance between others and by following the rules. This way everyone can become a fighter the real fighter’s against CORONA VIRUS .

Practice handwashing frequently and try to aware others regarding the necessity of practicing good hand hygiene.

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