Why Should You Use Tension Control Bolts Instead of Hex Heads or Rivets?

Oct 13, 2017 · 2 min read

When it comes to construction, there are many types of fasteners at the disposal of companies. It is imperative construction companies examine their options and learn all they can so they can make the best choice for their projects. While in the past, hex head fasteners were considered the gold standard, now many construction companies are going with a better option in the form of TC bolts.

Why Use Tension Control Bolts?

In heavy construction, rivets were the first type of fastener to be used. As technology became advanced, it was discovered hex heads could offer much faster construction options because fewer heads were needed and workers could increase their production time so buildings went up much faster.

Today there is an even better option and many construction companies are now using them. With tension control bolts, construction projects are much easier because these bolts can be installed up to four times faster.

The advantages of these bolts include:

Proper tension can always be ensured so damage to construction materials does not occur.

These bolts only require one worker to install them so less labor is required.

A lightweight electric wrench can be used on the bolts so there is less hand and arm fatigue.

These bolts allow for less job site noise which can especially beneficial in residential areas of construction.

With tension control bolts, there is no match marking required so projects go up in much less time.

Tension control bolts can be used in shear or with tension for greater options.

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Why Purchase From Baco Enterprises?

Although construction company owners have plenty of choices when it comes to supplying their tension bolt needs, there is one company that stands above the rest. Baco Enterprises has been in business for over twenty years, becoming the trusted supplier of tension bolts. Not only have they become the most trusted source domestically, they have also experienced great growth potential internationally.

Companies who are in need of tension bolts are urged to seek Baco Enterprises so they can learn more about the company and their superior craftsmanship. Steel fabricators and erectors will find the Baco Enterprise bolts to be superior to any other bolt they have ever used.

Check out the website today to learn more about these bolts and how they can be used. Contact Baco Enterprises if you have any questions or need assistance in making your order. Give them a call today.

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