This article is a collection of resources, advice, and experience to help you reach the Lead Software Engineer level in Redgate Software (also called Staff Engineer in other companies).

The Progression Framework

Redgate has recently introduced the progression framework to help people develop their careers at Redgate.

This picture describes in a nutshell how I progressed from Graduate Software Engineer to the Lead Software Engineer role. It took me about 6 years to reach a senior developer level and a further 5 to get my first engineering leadership position.

I am pretty sure there are many engineers who are smarter than me…

This article contains my key learnings from watching the Agile Requirements course on Construx Online.

People tell you what they want NOT what they need.

It is our job to help people to discover what they really need.

Product owners answer the question:

  • What problem/opportunity should we solve?

The development team answer the question:

  • How do we solve that problem/opportunity?

What is a requirement?

There are many definitions of requirements at a different level of formality.

However, most definitions are not very useful in practice.

This course introduces probably the most pragmatic and practical definition I have ever seen.

A requirement is a decision…

One of the thing I love the most about working at Redgate is that we constantly challenge the status quo and we are open to reflects on how we can become an even better software company.

Last week, I facilitated an experiment with Jeff Foster with the goal of imagining the Redgate Engineering function of the future through the eyes of a future new starter.

We decided to build an futurspective empathy map all together.

We started by showing the description of a future persona.

Future Redgater

We then split in three groups and each group individually built an empathy map trying…

Andrea Angella

@Microsoft MVP, .NET Community Lead, Senior .NET Software Engineer @redgate

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