You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

You, also, did nothing for your so-called “women’s rights”. All the women you mentioned fought for something tangible, something real, something necessary. You fight for nothing but more. Women like you do not want to have the same rights as men — you want to have more rights than men. You want men to be subservient to women, and you have a lot of little cliche’ phrases to try to cover that up. But it’s clear you want to emasculate men, and they fight back because if they do not, we will all end up asexual. But that would be fine with you, wouldn’t it? What a horrible world that would be.

Men making more than women, that one seems true on the surface, but many studies say it’s not a solid truth as there are many variables to consider: part time jobs, less hours for other reasons, dangerous occupations, field choice, etc. But if it is true, that’s something to work on.

Women DO have full rights over their bodies. Who cares if men debate it? They’re not changing it. You just want others to pay for it, and that is not fair or equal. On the subject of abortions, there are far too many forms of birth control, including a morning after pill, to say abortions are necessary. This isn’t the 1960's.

Not pay taxes on sanitary needs? You pay taxes for your other sanitary needs, like toilet tissue, soap, shampoo, etc. This is just ridiculous, and straw-grasping. Be realistic, please.

Yes, carrying mace is a good idea. The world has never been overly safe, and it’s getting worse. Men get attacked, too. Having more rights will not correct that. Upholding our laws and increasing punishments will.

You want to be paid how much how long for maternity leave? Men don’t get paid maternity leave, so you’re already equal there. If your body is broken, take a medical leave. Postpartum Depression is a medical condition brought on by pregnency/delivery. It is not permanent, and treatment is available as it is a medical condition.

No one really cares if women breastfeed in public. The issue is the few who seem to think they should be able to expose everyone to their entire naked breast while they do so, including the children of other people. There is nothing wrong with showing some decorum and being discreet. Why do you want to be so discourteous to others? Is that really a right?

You should not be concerned with what others say to or about you. Catcalls and comments on your person are going to happen. They happen to men, also. If you’re offended, say something. No one is stopping you from defending yourself; and if those things make you feel like you’re a lesser being, it’s because you let them. You will never feel equal if you keep acting like you’re weaker.

If your partner is abusing you, leave. There are protections, and it’s proven abused women who are murdered keep telling their abuser where they are, defeating the protections that are in place. Don’t do that. Give yourself the chance to heal and get away from them.

Women of color and gay and transgenders have the same option: stop letting others define how you feel about yourself. They don’t live your life, so stop giving them power over you and whining because they don’t accept you. That’s life, not everyone will agree with you or like you. They are allowed to have their opinion, the same as you are allowed to still do as you please. Welcome to adulthood.

I always told my daughter she was smart, and I never told her any of that other garbage. You can’t tell your daughters stuff like that and expect things to just magically right themselves. Stop doing that.

You are oppressed if you allow yourself to be oppressed. Why do you let others define so much of what should be your inner psyche? If you want control, take it. You cannot be the princess and the warrior at the same time. Pick one and deal with it.

Using the statistics of other countries is like comparing yourself to other women: you shouldn’t do it, because the two are not the same so of course there will be differences. That’s not a good or a bad thing, it just is.

I get it, too. You want to say you’re not a victim while you act like one.

You are empowered, you just don’t want the responsibility that comes along with taking it, with making those choices and sticking to them. You want to have them given to you so you can still play the “wittle gurl”, the “princess” who bats her eyelashes and acts all feminine to get what she wants. You want to moan that you’re a second-class citizen when you have no conception of what that feels like. But don’t worry. One day you’ll catch up, and you’ll realize that although the world has changed, women essentially have not. Not the smart ones, the women who all throughout history have walked their own paths regardless of what others thought or said. They would be ashamed of you for not taking what they fought for and choosing instead to whine that you don’t have what you have just because you won’t acknowledge its existence.

You need to open YOUR eyes. You are as equal as you want to be. Equal pay is (debatably) really the last barrier, the rest of it is Bullshit. Why don’t you work on that and stop trying so hard to make other women feel like they’re insignificant? Better yet, work on yourself. Just because you’re not strong enough to not allow the opinions of others to skew your self-perception doesn’t mean the rest of womanhood has to be. If you want to claim you’re a fighter, why don’t you fight the real enemy? Your own self-doubt.

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