Responding to Fox News’ Attempt at a Leftist Op-ed

On January 31, Fox News published an essay written by a man named Bryan Dean Wright, which one of their editors gave the egregious title, “I’m a Democrat but there’s something great about Trump’s travel ban.”

In addition to expressing my disgust toward his essay on Twitter, I also responded to his query regarding what he should write about next. “You should talk to someone who isn’t a white man about the #MuslimBan or Trump’s #SCOTUS choice before you write again,” I told him.

He responded by sliding in my DMs and asking for my feedback on his piece. I obliged.

The messages in the images above read:


Thanks for the tweet and critique. I’d welcome the feedback on the content of my argument if you’re amenable. I don’t control the titles of my pieces, for better and worse.

— Bryan

As a summa cum laude graduate from an accredited school of journalism, I do know that writers don’t name their own pieces. I’ve been bit by that before, too. However, I don’t just read headlines 💁🏼
You said: “For those of us who are progressively minded, the order creates an unexpected dilemma. While we reject a ban based on religion, we agree — in principle — that we don’t want to accept bigoted immigrants.”
Perhaps you’re facing a dilemma, but I’m not. I know that there is already a vigorous vetting process for refugees and green card holders to keep out “bigoted immigrants.”
Also, you failed to mention the bias in choosing the countries the executive order banned travel from: none of the countries included have a business benefiting the Trump empire, while some of the countries not included, where he does have business relationships, are those where actual terrorists came from, i.e. The United Arab Emirates, where both Fayez Banihammad and Marwan al Shehhi of the 9/11 attacks were from. That bias is an important detail to point out, as a Democrat writing for Fox News, don’t you think? No one else on Fox is talking about that.
You said: “We are a nation of immigrants and our vibrancy is a result of immigrants’ sacrifice.”
We are a nation founded from colonialism, and our colonizing white politicians have committed genocide, wiping out most of the Native American population, in addition to banning or mistreating other specific groups throughout history, i.e. The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. That’s not OK, but it does us no good to act like it didn’t happen either.
You said: “…there’s a branch of Islam — the Saudi Arabia-backed Salafi sect — that’s terribly sick. Even in peace, these Muslims reject democracy. They abuse women. They harass gay people. They destroy art and ban music.”
Saudi Arabia isn’t on the banned list.
And you immediately followed that little bit with: “Polite politics would prefer we not discuss these men and women. Instead, it’s easier and more politically correct to wrap ourselves in posters proclaiming, “We’re All Muslims.” But smart citizens will not shy away from the fact that while most Muslims are peaceful, millions of religious fanatics embrace an ideology that would have the world live under Sharia law — by force or persuasion.”
“Smart citizens” know that both Christians and Muslims are expected to follow the law of the land to honor God (Romans 13:1 in the Bible and Surah An-Nisa 4:59 in the Quran), so Muslim immigrants will obey America’s laws as well as any other religious group. I would suspect, for that reason, those who don’t want to live in a Democracy won’t come here to live.
Also, “smart citizens” know that the United States of America is expected to separate church and state, which means neither the Christians’ anti-gay marriage or anti-abortion stances belong in America’s policies anymore than the Muslims’ Sharia Law.

Wright did not respond to my “feedback.”

When I tweeted to Fox News that I could write them better leftist op-eds if they paid me what they pay him, however, Wright did respond to that, informing me that Fox did not pay him for his essay.

*and we don’t pay freelancers, despite being one of the most popular news sources in America!