The Bridge

A bridge is a bridge, yet something about it makes you come back and take a second glance. You know you shouldn’t, there’s a sign in front of it that says “forbidden” or “not available.”

You walk away and even ponder for a while, wondering if you should cross that bridge, yet you do a double take and return anyway.

You catch a glimpse, for just a moment of what’s on the other side…. and for that fleeting moment, what sits beyond, makes you want to explore.

There’s a want to go there, perhaps an inner yearning, or even childlike curiosity.

Stepping onto the bridge could be both fearful and exhilarating at the same time. Maybe you fall, maybe you will get half way and want to turn back, or maybe in blind faith, you will continue on to the other side…

The journey itself could be done alone, yet where would the fun be in that?

As you step out onto each wooden plank, you don’t know what’s next. Each step and the plank could fall out beneath you..

The bridge itself could sway gently or unexpectedly in the breeze. The anticipation of it all, makes you only want to move forward… because truth be told, it’s in these moments, that you only ever truly feel “alive.”

The bridge has history, it’s a little broken, even jagged in parts… and yet it’s still standing.

There are many bridges that one could cross, in different times and different places in our lives… Some more pleasant looking than others and some come with great certainty of what’s on the other side.

Yet bridges like this one, offer no certainty at all, only possibility. They exist in uncharted territories, where only the adventurous and the fervent explorer seeks to go.

How often do we come across such a bridge in this lifetime? And if standing there before it, do we dare to cross?…..

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