Microsoft, this creative pro might just jump to the Surface Studio

Microsoft Surface Studio animation via Microsoft/The Verge

As an architect I’ve always dreamed of a full desk size digital drawing setup and this new Microsoft Surface Studio seems to come very close. I’m a mac guy myself, but when another company comes out with something this eye-opening, I definitely take notice. I love my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, but it really doesn’t appear that Apple is anywhere close to adding this functionality to a monitor or desktop setup, so it has me thinking seriously about alternatives.

Doodling on that big beautiful screen at the MS Kiosk Store

I stopped by the Microsoft kiosk store last night and got to check one out. The screen is absolutely stunning! Like five full size retina iPads stunning. Crystal clear text and above magazine quality crispness.

After drawing on the iPad Pro glass screen, the regular Surface Pro tablet feels very plastic like and fake (I think it’s the deflection of the thinner glass), however after drawing on the Surface Studio, it has a much better and stiffer feel. Unfortunately there is no tilt support with Microsoft’s pen (when you lay the Apple Pencil on its side, it works for shading). However, the pressure sensitivity and barely noticeable lag make the drawing experience very good.

The near deal breaker for me is that the incredibly beautiful monitor can’t be hooked up to any other machine (i.e. a laptop). Another is that since it’s an All-In-One setup, the upgradability is not that good, so you are stuck with the under-powered PC with a beautiful monitor. I’d like to be able to max this thing out with a 8GB GPU, the latest quad core processors, and 32GB of RAM so it’s good to go for the next five years minimum.

Microsoft, you’ve got my attention! Apple, are you listening?