5 Reflections From a Mid-career Professional Pushing 30

So, I turn 30 in a week and have had some time to reflect. Here’s what I have been thinking as a mid-career professional:

  1. We shouldn’t be scared to take risks. It will work out or fail; but, why stifle something that could be your biggest success in life for the fear of failure?
  2. Don’t hog ideas. Pretty soon your life will end and all of those wonderful thoughts you’ve protected in fear of it being stolen will go with you. You won’t be able materialise everything you think in one lifetime. Wouldn’t it be cool if someone else did though?
  3. Respect yourself. Say no. Say that is against my beliefs. Say that is insulting/demeaning/prejudice/illegal… and do it via email so you have a record to take to court if things get ugly. This applies to all, but particularly people of colour who hop, skip and jump just to get a foot in the door and do the same to stay there.
  4. Read the fine print. Read the whole document before signing it. Every last detail. It’s a lot of words, yes, but those words could destroy your life.
  5. Google. It’s amazing. It knows everything and anything you need to know, and loads of things you don’t. But, most importantly, it makes knowledge once exclusive to institutes of higher learning available to anyone willing to search. You do not need degrees to acquire new skills.

Stay inspired. Do good.