Redefining Journalism in The Rise of Social News

It was a real honour to do this interview on the impact of social media on news and newsrooms; I mean, it features industry experts like Fox 5 News Anchor Allison Seymour and Editor of the Washington Informer D. Kevin McNeir.

Since the rise of social news, the media landscape and how journalism report the news have changed tremendously. Social media has reshaped the way journalists work, interact with their publics and share stories. Audiences no longer need to wait for the news to come to them. Often, they are the ones breaking the news before media organizations. Traditional news outlets have suffered and are struggling to find their way to compete with the ever-evolving playing field. As a result, traditional sharing methods have decreased in viewership as well. Now, journalists are turning to social networks to collect stories and information, as well as to engage with audiences.
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