You Must Pursue Mastery

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There's always an inherent question on how to live — on how, of all possibilities, to spend our days.

Here's my advice: pick one thing and spend the rest of your life mastering and getting deeper into it.

The privileged craftman

Since old times, mastery is the most satisfactory goal one could aspire to achieve. Mastery is the ultimate status since it is from skills, hard skills that it can only be earned; through hard work.

Nobody can steal it from you. Not even the rich can buy it or the impatient rush it.

Choosing mastery over other things

Striving makes you joyful, and noticing yourself getting closer to the one thing you want makes you fulfill — at least until you achieve it and new things and needs appear.

Pursuing one's goal keeps you away from boredom and despair since it's not the absence of stimuli in our lives, but our lack of action in it — becoming a spectator in our own life — that makes us miserable.

Concentrating all of your life's effort on one thing gives you incredible strength at the cost of needing your full focused attention.

The more you learn about something, the more there is to learn.

You will become better at seeing what normal people — people who haven't put the work in — don’t see.

The path becomes more interesting as you go.

The pursuit of mastership sits you in the long term and keeps your eyes on the horizon. You become better at resisting the temptation of now.

You become more aware of what is important to you since you spend your time more intentionally.

The most rewarding things in life take years.

Having a cristal clear milestone translates into having everyday goals.

Mastery is not about doing many things, it's doing one thing insanely well.

You don’t need new ideas, you need to master the idea you’ve begun; resist the urge to branch out into something new; say no to everything bout your mission, your contribution to the world.

How long will it take you to become a master? It doesn't matter.

Imagine getting to a mountaintop after a long hike through a gorgeous forest. Achieving your goal would feel like taking off your backpack. That's all. You do it for the journey, not the destination.

Pursuing mastery is how to live.

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