The Starrie community is 30 days old, and we are now over 100 members strong. Around 10 members are active daily 🙏

Where someone sees small numbers I see great people… we are interacting everyday. And we are on the right path to make Starrie grow, together.

We are the foundation of the Starrie Community.

Since day one, I stressed the importance of the community: a lot of decisions have been taken only after requesting feedbacks to our slack members, starting from Starrie Ambassadors.

What makes a united and great community?

  • Is it the shared interests? (eg. crypto) It’s a starting point, but it’s not enough.

The best crypto gift cards ever.

Starrie gift cards (v1.0) are finally here!

Why physical gift cards.

The Starrie physical gift cards are an evolution of crypto paper wallets. Gift cards are a convenient and effective way to introduce new people (inside and outside the cryptospace) to blockchain based mobile wallets and Starrie. Cards should be handed out to the people you think may care about Starrie, to the ones who will further the cause.

Blockchain is hard but instead of explaining the underlying technology… if we focus on showing people how they can easily use it, what dApps like Starrie can do, if we give…

Maybe you already know that Starrie is participating to the ICOhub’s startup competition. The intent is to make the best Wavesplatform community projects compete and see which gets the most votes from the slack community.🙌

ICOhub will give its assistance for up to 3 projects, with the end goal of doing an ICO in the near future.

Starrie needs your vote, the process is actually really easy and takes seconds if you know how to do it, but here you have all the micro-steps.


You need to be an user already.

If you don’t have an account to…

Starrie is going to airdrop 100k starrie total to all the Riptobux token (RBX) holders, on June 28, 2017 (3 pm UTC).

What is starrie ($STAR)?

Starrie is one of the 2 tokens powering the Starrie platform. It was released by the Waves blockchain, as it will make an extensive use of the Waves platform core features (namely fiat gateways, custom fees — waves tokens can ask nodes to be accepted as network fee) It is currently exchanged on WavesDEX.

What is Ripto bux ($RBX)?

While originally being used as the standard tipping token inside the waves slack, Ripto bux is starting to reveal its true nature and expanding to P2P Cryptolending with Riptobank.

So, after this quick introduction,

Let’s see what…

Starrie is going to airdrop 100k starries total to all the waves community token (WCT) holders, on June 23, 2017 (3 pm UTC).

What is starrie ($STAR)?

Starrie is one of the 2 tokens powering the Starrie platform. It was released by the Waves blockchain, as it will make an extensive use of the Waves platform core features (namely fiat gateways, waves tokens can ask nodes to be accepted as network fee)

What is Waves Community Token ($WCT)?

The waves community token has been used so far to reward all the people who believe in the Waves project. If you…

I’ve been silent. Working behind the scenes.

This post will be continuously updated. Feel free to ask me questions :)

Meanwhile, you can check a super-early Whitepaper draft on

To my english readers: you can find the original version here

Sommario della campagna

A seguito dell’ annuncio della scorsa settimana riguardo la campagna di finanziamento di WINGS, siamo felici di potervi dare dettagli aggiuntivi.

Come precedentemente annunciato, la campagna comincerà Venerdì, 18 Novembre, e finirà Venerdì, 6 Gennaio; andrà avanti per un totale di 49 giorni, o fino a che viene raggiunto l’ ultimo goal della campagna.

Obiettivi di WINGS DAO

WINGS è progetto basato su obiettivi, con il team che è impegnato a rilasciare un prodotto finito a seconda dell’ ammontare dei fondi raccolti.

Ad ogni seguente “goal” raggiunto verranno rilasciati BTC solo dopo che…

For the english version, please click here


A nome di tutto il team di Wings sono lieto di darvi il benvenuto al nostro blog ufficiale!

Grazie alla tecnologia blockchain e alla sua rapida evoluzione stiamo testimoniando l’emergere di un nuovo modo con cui le persone possono collaborare, e cioè attraverso Organizzazioni Autonome Decentralizzate (DAOs) basate su software.

Sulla buona strada per catturare l’immaginario collettivo con theDAO, che ha raccolto oltre 132 milioni di dollari, questo nuovo tipo di organizzazione ha l’incredibile potenziale di cambiare il modo in cui le aziende, le no-profit e altri tipi di organizzazione vengono coordinate. …

What if you need some ether like… today!

AND you don’t own any BTC?

Typically, you would make a wire transfer from your bank account to a cryptoexchange like kraken or bitstamp. But you have to wait 24 hours, at least.

So, follow me in this quick tutorial.

Step 1

Make sure you have a 3D secured credit card; you can get one issued by your bank. If your card is new, it is likely to have the 3d secure feature. Note that in most cases, you have to enable the feature, because it is disabled by default. …

How to get ether if you are late to the party (continuously updated)

Ether it’s a cryptocurrency — like bitcoin — with a clear purpose: it makes a new kind of apps running on the ethereum network

(more on this on Ethereum explained to… my mom! (infographic) .

When ethereum go client reached 99%, I started to panic.

“F************CK! I need to be ready when the d-day comes. It can be in 2 months… as well as tomorrow!”

That day has come!

Why panicking ? Because the earlier you join, the more ether you will mine or buy at…

Angelo Milan

Founder, #UX #Designer @ProjectStarrie #Blockchain evangelist. Student of myself. ⭐

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