Why You Should Know Someone New Everyday… 30 Days That Changed Everything

It was summertime and together with a friend of mine, we decided to make an experiment and it consisted in knowing new people everyday, with an average of 2 per day.

So we approached strangers on the beach, into the bars, in the streets of the city and in the dance floors.

At first it was not easy, especially with girls, but once we got into the “flow” state it was like being drunk without drinking!

Is was an amazing experiment because we knew so many people and shared so much knowledge that it turned out to be our BEST SUMMER EVER!

Every time we meet, now, we do the same thing even if, you know, the first times were the most emotional ones.

This is a photo of me and my best friend of THAT SUMMER!

This, instead, is a recent photo of us hitting on some chicks after having been rejected around 500+ times from all the girls we approached from that summer. :D

Between the first photo and the second 2.5 years and a lot of both positive and negative experiences passed but we KEEP GOING ON WITH FUN!


Want to know ore on how we did it? Read this blog post!


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