Why Experimenting Is The Right Way to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

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We already know how being successful means failing some (many) times. Then life should not be viewed in my opinion as a battle like “300” where you go for glory. And the only way to live a life characterized by a high level of energy and vitality, outstanding relationships with people you care and great wealth and health. Basically, a life full of positive emotions. Is by getting out of your comfort zone, daily.

It’s just a matter of learning-by-doing. I personally don’t agree with people that write a lot in their blogs, o Medium or Quora, about what should be done. My philosophy is: act, see what happens, then write. Completely opposite of the: ask if this action could be good, wait three weeks to find the courage, only then face your fear (if then you really do it…).

When it comes to change our-self, in your mind and body, you should push yourself to face your limits. Embracing, many times, discomfort. But most of the times this scares us, we start to think about what results we will get, of what others would think, basically on what if anything that we can’t control would go wrong. So we remain in the realm of uncertainty, but the paradox is that not making a decision it’s worst than not living a life of certain things (is certainty real? I honestly don’t think so. Every situation have at least a little bit of uncertainty. My point of view is that life’s a gamble, but this is another discussion.)

Anyway, I’m now going to show you a completely new mindset able to make you happier, smarter and that will make you completely rethink about the way on how to “step out of your comfort zone”.
Our approach is the mindset of the experiments. Which practically means doing things, acting! It could be a business project, a new way of working out, asking for a date, despite all these things that could scare you. But let’s explain better the reasons why you should do right now what you deeply believe is better for you, without procrastinating or inventing excuses. Let me also demolish the concept of considering the learning-by-doing process as a homework. Something that Angelo told me I should do. Damn, the process is funny, it’s probably going to be one of the funniest experience of all your life.

First of all, if you don’t do immediately what you are supposed to do, then your energy will be drained. The reason is that even if you don’t notice that, you will continue to think subconsciously about this thing that you are procrastinating. Every single time you know you should do something (boring stuff included), just do it, or the consequence you will face is blocking the energy to flow, ending up talking with a monotone voice, and also taking life too seriously. Life is funny, stop making it too serious. The approach of the experiments is the best way to turn something that you “should do”, in a totally new perspective like: “Hey, what happens if I say this thing to this girl? What happens if I ask this entrepreneur to mentor me?”, you absolutely don’t know if you don’t try. For instance, Angelo suggested me to eat less refined sugars, let’s try for 21 days and see what happens.
The best thing about this approach is that it definitely makes you smarter. Every time you try something new, something different, even small things like reading a book or songs even if you normally don’t like the genres, starting new experiments like a new diet, taking cold showers, etc. In that exact moment, you are accelerating your learning process. You’re literally creating new connections in your brain. This is basically when people say “Living life on the Fastlane” (That, however, doesn’t mean being stressed out). You will start to think sharply.

As Daniel Kahneman explains in his book “Thinking, Fast and Slow”
our brain basically works on two patterns. According to Kahneman, we can think about our brains as having two systems — super fast, automatic, intuition-based ‘system 1’ (S1) and effortful, reasoning-based and much slower ‘system 2’ (S2). Chess-master, are an example of what happens when you master a skill through repetition and hour of training, where you are able to respond in a systematic way (intuitively) at something that initially needed reasoning to reply. Another more common example for us? Think when you started to learn how to drive: chances are that you were not able to coordinate pretty good with things and you had to think about them first.
That’s the reason why InvincibleState, is based on a learning-by-doing practice. First, you do what you think you should do. Then you come back here to explain what you learned.
“Living life on the fast lane, I’m moving at the speed of life and I can’t slow down.” — Eminem, Royce 5’9

The only short-cut that exists to make the learning process faster, becoming wealthier, healthier and with better relationships, and it’s by doing experiments on the field.
Tai Lopez (yeah, the living meme) in this video says something interesting. In business, you should see yourself as a mad-scientist. I like the metaphor, and that’s not true just in the business field but in every other one. It’s even truer in less-rational things like dating for instance, where the more you’re rationalizing and complicating your life thinking too much, the less you will enjoy, making the whole process unnatural. I want to say it: our generation is so damn crazy that we’re starting to lose all the enjoyment of natural things, one example are interactions with the other sex. Maybe y’all need your teacher to say: “And for today, do as a homework this: if you see a girl that you really like, go there and start to talk with her”. Damnit.

Life is not an assignment. Stop getting stressed about grades.

But, coming back to our topic: experimenting. This whole new mindset will create new connections in your brain, and that’s also the reason why in personal development we always say that successful people are those who failed more than the others and adapted to what they have learned (you know all these stories about Jordan, Disney, Jobs all being rejected).
The reason is simple, even if you fail, this single failure will make you closer to your biggest goal, then who cares?!
We don’t live in the jungle. If you fail, socially, economically (in most of the developed countries you can face bankruptcy), chances are that you will survive. It’s not like years ago in the wild nature.
 I want to be more precise. Be smart. Don’t fail just to fail. In particular when it’s about more rational things (you really need a list of things where rationality bad words you? Ok, let me think: interactions with the other sex, having a good time with friends, playing sports, and much more) like in business (i.e. launching a new entrepreneurial project) or career (i.e. like quitting your job), in these cases you should probably start by planning. An interesting application of the experimentation mindset on business is the whole idea of Minimum Viable Product and others related to the Lean Startup movement.

Life is too short. Or as Seneca said On The Shortness of Life: “Life is long enough, and a sufficiently generous amount has been given to us for the highest achievements if it were all well invested.”, but you should stop wasting your time, and start doing it right now.
Everybody wants to create success in the quicker and easiest way as possible. I have some doubts about the existence of an easy part, but the only way that I know how to make the process quicker is to learn faster, how?
Start to experiment. Your life will start to be much funnier!

But there is still one problem with it
As we said, it’s not about failing just to fail. The great thing about human beings is their ability to learn, and also learning from others’ errors. The best way to do this is to read books, attend seminars, find mentors, and everything else that lets us understand stories and ways on how other people failed in the past, to not re-do the same mistakes. An example, if you are not skilled about dating, why don’t you hire a dating coach? Or, at least, buy some books about it? The same is for every area you perceive as important for yourself, right now.

Stay Strong,