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As a follow-up to two of the comments…

(1) Adria, you don’t need to wash your cup every time you use it, just empty it and wipe it down with some tp… I’ve done all sorts of camping, swimming, dancing, travelling with the thing and no sinks — it’s not like you ask every person you allow to touch your genitals to vigorously wash their hands and genitals beforehand? Especially at a festival ;-)

(2) You don’t need to change the cup every year… I imagine DivaCup is either trying to get sales up, or trying to insure they don’t get sued for any mishaps. Here in the old world, we have MoonCup, same thing, and according to the company’s website: “Q: How long will my Mooncup last? A:With the advised cleaning and storage, the Mooncup® will last for years and years, if there is any change in the material of your Mooncup if it splits or becomes sticky, or there is any change in the shape of your Mooncup then it will need replacing. There may be some natural staining that occurs over time which does not affect the hygiene or effectiveness of the Mooncup. If you choose to remove the staining, soak the Mooncup in diluted sterilising fluid (used for sterilizing baby equipment and available in [the pharmacy]), follow the manufacturer’s dilution guidelines, and soak for the minimum recommended time, then rinse thoroughly with clean water.”

Years and years!