Eva’s Kitchen Kew Gardens

So folks, Eva’s has finally opened their new location here at Kew Gardens in Queens Boulevard. It is a soft opening for the next 3 days. So you can come in and get 50% off your meals until Saturday the 16th of September.

I decided to give them a try and got the “New Yorker” which was a massive whole wheat wrap with grilled chicken, falafel, grilled tomato, onion, and pepper. The wrap was pretty good, did I mention it was massive? Flavor wise I enjoyed it, I tasted all the different elements, and it was good. Pretty clear, right? It was good. LOL. I don’t have the time, energy or desire to enter into descriptive poetry about the dish. I’ll save those for the people who pay me or comp me to review. Haha. Mind you, even then I’m brutally honest!

It’s huge, so it can be a bit messy and you should probably keep a fork handy. I’m feeling rather full, and now begins the wait for the true test. Does it cause me a headache? Does it send me running to the bathroom? These are the true points to test. If it doesn’t jack me up, next time I’m going to try one of their rice dishes. This was a good meal, but slightly heavy for what I accustom to eat at this hour. Remember, I’m in a cutting phase, so I keep my carbs and calories controlled.

The service was very good, and the guys were eager to serve with a smile. If my body stays happy, I’ll definitely be back to try another dish. For those of you who remember the prior tenant, Sundance, the configuration has totally changed. It seems to be a bit more open and spacious.

Go ahead and give them a try while you can get that half off price!

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