Scivation Supplement Company Acquired by Nutrabolt

Some days ago I was at one of the gyms that I teach at, one of the managers told me, “Angel, enjoy that Scivation drink because we are not getting it anymore. Something’s up with the distributor after they were purchased by some other company.” That made me anxious AF, I love this damn product and I immediately reached out to them. That’s how I found out that the scivation supplement company was acquired by nutrabolt.

So, for those of you like me who use their powders, and buy their premade drinks at the gym, or elsewhere, there is no need to fear, according to an email exchange with their customer service folks, they will continue to make and distribute the products.

As with any merger or acquisition, the new owner may have their own preferred methods and vendors, etc. So it is understandable that there may be changes. I let my folks at the gym know that we are all good and they can still work it out with them!

I wish Scivation continued success, it is one of my favorite products. In fact, besides my vitamins, it’s one of the only supplements I take!

Originally published at Next Best Day Fitness.

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