Who you are is what you do between notifications.

I hate notifications.

We constantly get notifications from Facebook, Instagram, emails, texts, tumblr, twitter, youtube, etc. and research has shown that just hearing a buzz on your phone can hurt your productivity.

“We are living in a perpetual state of distraction and interruption,” says Nicholas Carr.

It is difficult to ignore those dings and rings, and especially if you are tired from doing work, that ding on your smartphone gives you another excuse to procrastinate. I think notifications are useless and distracting, and I have noticed that they break my chain of thought and prevent me from concentrating fully on the task at hand.

Furthermore, Nicholas Carr talks about “memory consolidation.”

“You think about the information or rehearse it in your mind in order to form a strong memory of it, and in order to connect it to other things that you remember.”

However, if you are always living in a state of distraction and interruption, you do not allow the information to reach your conscious mind and this can be harmful.

I believe that it is important to stay connected and to socialize with our friends and families, but all the messages and ugly selfies that your friends send you can wait.

Notifications impair my ability to focus on a given task. I am unable to think about one thing for a long period of time or be contemplative when my notifications are constantly distracting me. Therefore, I turn off my notifications for all applications because who I am is what I do between notifications. If there is no buzz to distract me anymore, I can be more productive, be contemplative and focus on the task at hand.

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