I am an avid Xbox gamer — Art by the incredible Stephoodle

A good insight into how I work

Working at the Wellcome Trust I was asked to put together a User Manual for me. I thought this was an excellent idea, and wanted to share it publicly. Obviously this is modelled on ideal situations, and may vary depending on the team — but I think it’s a good insight into how I work.

User Manual — Jo Carter (v1)

Pronouns: she/her

  • I like a quiet working environment.
  • I find it hard to work if there is a lot of noise or distractions (I cannot wear noise cancelling headphones as it triggers my claustrophobia).
  • If there is a lot of distraction, I need focused sound…

Illustration by Tom Morgan-Jones of the Sympathy/Empathy/Apathy dynamic (from Alasdair Cant & Associates)

Working Together Towards a More Inclusive Future

This month I attended the London iteration of #AlterConf. I have to say that it was an incredible experience; and I wish all conferences were like this. It was diversity and inclusion “person”ified.

If you (or a company you work for/ know of) are serious about diversity and inclusion, then do consider sponsoring or donating to AlterConf — otherwise it may not be able to continue :(

The conference itself was accessible in so many ways! Including speech-to-text, sign language, gender-neutral bathrooms, a quiet room, mobility considerations, notices about microagressions, an enforced code of conduct; and so many more little…

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I recently attended the PHP UK 2017 conference in London. Besides finding out that PHP makes up 82% of the web, I also saw an amazing talk by Ciaran McNulty (@ciaranmcnulty) called Driving Design through Examples (the slides are a good reference point, and you can also see a video of the talk).

Note: Although this article specifically refers to PHP, the principles can be applied to any kind of development (just substitute in the appropriate tools).

Disclaimer: This is a summary of the talk, with some of my own personal interpretations and thoughts. Any mistakes are my own.


Jo Carter

Developer, Feminist, Gamer, Geek. She/her. Opinions expressed are my own.

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