It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia DRINKING GAME

Love Sunny? Love to drink? We’ve got you covered.


The Gang drinks together. Obvs.


Four members of the Gang are yelling at once. Drink twice if it’s all five.

There is exactly one patron in the bar. Drink twice if there are two.

Charlie eats something gross.

Mac makes pseudo-karate moves or says “You’re always safe when you’re with me,” or talks about working out or postures in some other way.

Dennis takes off his shirt. Drink twice for that one.

Dee says, “God damn it.”

Frank pulls his gun.

Someone gets fired.

Also, drink at the first appearance (in an episode) of any of the satellite characters: The Waitress, Artemis, Rickety Cricket, Mac’s dad or mom, Charlie’s mom…

What’s missing? Try it out and report back. I will take drunken rambling as a measure of success.

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