Hello, everyone. Today, I will write for relating rough hand and infection.

First, let’s see how “skin without roughness” is different from “skin with roughness”.🙄

The surface of “skin without roughness” has such a structure.

Even if the virus gets stuck in your hands, there is a barrier on the surface of the skin to prevent it from getting inside.

On the other hand, the surface with rough hands😥 has a structure like this.

The strength of the barrier on the surface of the skin is weakened, making it easier for the virus to enter😨. Also, the surface of the skin has lost its smoothness and the skin has warped as shown in the illustration. Then, even if the virus is deep inside the gap, even if the hands are washed and disinfected as usual, the soap component will not reach the virus and will remain in the gap as it is.

To clean your hands, you wash your hands and disinfect your hands. But because of your rough hands, actually your hands are still dirt and viruses weren't washed away.😣😱 That is no good!!, right?

So, it was said that rough hands and infections are very related.

Let's do hand care as well as hand washing. And keep your hands shiny and shiny!!✨✨✨

Thank you for reading my post!!🧡💛