Old Timers Day — Yankee Stadium

Once a year the Yankees bring together some of the all time great players that have wore the legendary pinstripes for an afternoon remiscsining about the times The Bronx dominated baseball.

Growing up it was always players from the dynasty of the 70’s that came to play; Reggie, Randolph, Guidy and the family of Munson. It was great as kid seeing these players come back provide some history lessons, but they weren’t my Yanks. My Yanks took the field after the legends.

That is all beginnning to change. Its been 20 years since my first World Series win in 1996! O’Neill, Bernie, Matsui, Tino to name a few are now playing the first game on Old Timer’s Day. Fans of other teams may think OTD is just another way the Yanks show off and think they are better then everyone esle. It may be true but that what 27 World Series rings get you :)

Either way, seeing my Yanks playing during OTD let me relive all the memories the late 90's-early 2000’s and it was amazing. Gave me all kinds of feels!

Old Timer’s Day only will continue to get better for me once Jeter, Petite, Posada and Rivera start coming. Just as important I want the Yanks team playing the second game to become legends and add to the our historic ring collection.