Greek islands: Ionian or Aegean Sea ?

“Geia sou” (hello) from sunny Greece! I am Angelo and I am a local Greek guy who loves exploring his own place.

Every year more and more people choose to visit Greece for their summer vacation as it’s one of the most sunny, fun and safe destinations available (and budget friendly of course in most cases!)

The plans are simple. Pick some of the thousands of islands Greece has (having the search narrowed down to the touristic ones), see which suits your taste and book your tickets. You might even book a few nights in Athens if you are a history kind of guy.

But what should be your first step to starting your research?

The islands are firstly divided like that: the ones in the west part of Greece which are called the Ionian islands -from the name of the sea-and the ones in the east part of Greece, at the Aegean Sea.

The differences of those islands however do not stop in their location. For choosing the best place for your holiday time you have to consider this: are you a nature kind of person or maybe you’d prefer something more minimal-ish?

The Ionian islands are the kind of paradise that is full of green. There is endless green as you wake up and see the view out of your hotel, as you drive a twisty road to this beach that you have read that no one visits, much green near the beach, enough to make for this unique blue-green sea water.

Aegean islands now, are nowhere close. The green is almost non existent. That is not to say it’s a bad thing though. Yes, trees provide you with some precious shade in the heat, yes they are soul calming to watch especially when there is just enough air to make them dance gently. But oh man those sceneries. Exotic cliffs with some minimalistic houses or lonely churches are are just as relaxing to see and most important: experience.

This is the intro of how to start picking candidates for your vacation in Greece, Ionian or Aegean and after that there are more questions to answer but we’ll leave that for another time.

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Much love and take care!