Angel Token
Feb 8, 2018 · 3 min read


The Angel Token Crypto Foundation has just announced their first investment since their successful ICO that concluded on December 19th, 2017 when they raised more than 860 ETH from 400+ investors.

Angel Token has acquired a stake of 925,000 Unitus (UIS) at a substantial discount to the current trading price in an off-exchange deal with the Unitus Team.

In late January 2018 the Angel Token Private Investors Community (ATPIC), consisting of major Angel Token ICO investors, voted to invest a substantial amount of the ICO funds in Unitus, and to initiate a close collaboration with the Unitus Team after the two founder teams reached a mutually beneficial agreement.

The Angel Token Team and the ATPIC Community will be working directly with the founders, developers and community of Unitus over the coming months to assist with the re-launch, improvements and marketing for the long-established but still relatively unknown multi-algorithm cryptocurrency.

By working with the Unitus team towards improving the brand and visibility in the crypto space, Angel Token aims to drive this highly undervalued coin into its rightful rank in terms of marketcap.

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Angel Token Announce Investment And Collaboration With Unitus

Alex, the founder of Angel Token stated:

“We have privately researched undervalued coins to invest in and we selected Unitus as our first investment from 1500 cryptocurrencies.

Among the many low cap cryptocurrencies we have researched Unitus stands out to us as unbelievably undervalued and with huge potential.
The coin has some unique features that we think are very smart, and with a good team and growing community behind it we think that it is in totally the wrong place in terms of marketcap.

Our entire team and community believes Unitus is possibly the most undervalued cryptocurrency project out there.”


“Angel Token is a crypto incubator and investment fund for small-cap altcoins. The Angel Token Team and ATPIC community create wealth, rather than passively wait for crypto investments to rise. Together, the Angel Token Team and the ATPIC community invest in overlooked and undervalued low to medium cap cryptocurrencies, and the skilled Angel Token team of developers, designers and marketers then work with the community to improve the functionality, visibility and marketing of those coins they have invested in.“ Angel Token is traded on the IDEX exchange (ANGL):


“Unitus is a unique cryptocurrency that was launched in December 2014. Unitus uses 5 independent algorithms to ensure the blockchain remains extremely secure. Along with the multi-algorithmic aspect of the coin, Unitus is also using merge mining thus allowing a miner to mine a parent coin, whilst at the same time contribute network hashrate to Unitus — and earn both the parent coin’s mining rewards and Unitus at the same time, with no additional effort, cost or overhead on the miner’s behalf. Unitus was the first crypto-currency to combine Multi-Algo with Merge Mining to bring a more secure and resilient blockchain to the market.“ Unitus is traded on the Cryptopia exchange (UIS):

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