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Mar 15, 2018 · 3 min read

After yesterday’s announcement of Angel Token’s Bitgur listing, I am happy to inform that we are also listed on Worldcoinindex. This is going to give Angel Token more exposure into the market and help us reach our goals faster.

For the purpose of this announcement, I am going to make a short comparison case between these two platforms and the well-known Coinmarketcap.

Right off the bat, Bitgur looks very similar to Coinmarketcap but the main difference is that it doesn’t have as many ads as CMC. This makes the visualization and research cleaner and it might be a plus for those of us who don’t go to CMC primarily for the latest ICO ads.

Although we all agree Coinmarketcap has a bunch of really useful features (like the search function for example or the detailed page with useful links and graphs) with Bitgur you can do so much more.

One of the functions I believe is useful to have on hand is the <FOUNDED IN> . Of course with CMC you can also find out this information (by opening the coin page, going to the BitcoinTalk ANN thread and checking out the day of the first post. In a world of “fast, faster, fastest”, I like the <FOUNDED IN> function for research purposes.

You can also find coins by <MINEABLE>. Again, a quick but quite useful feature to do your research quicker.

In Bitgur you can filter and see the traction of a coin and the similar ones inside the same niche. That makes it quite easier to decide on your next great investment.

Another good thing that makes things much easier to do is that if for example you are looking for one certain coin, you can just type its name and you have a short explanation about it.

On the other side, with Coinmarketcap if you want to read about the coin, you either have to do a quick Google search or you have to go to their website.

Basically Bitgur is really useful having all these details (like ICO information, when it was first traded, which kind of token/coin it is and so on) easily accessible and makes avid researches more effective.

Worldcoinindex it’s one of the online cryptocurrency price monitoring tool where you can see the very latest information about all the coins. It refreshes every few seconds, and the menu from the top holds the information about the price of Bitcoin in USD, EUR, CNY, GBP and RUR. Also you can actually purchase or sell any of cryptocurrencies right from the Worldcoinindex with your credit card or with any other 68 cryptocurrencies (through changelly).

If you click on the specific cryptocurrency that interests you, the chart will give you the information about the value for a day, a week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, for a year or even from the day it was founded, the same you can do on Bitgur and Coinmarketcap. This is very useful for your researches.

😊 Thank you Bitgur and Worldcoinindex we are glad to be with you. AngelToken is moving forward!

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