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Jan 9, 2018 · 4 min read


Due to a security breach of the Angel Token Private Investors Community last week, Taylor and the rest of the team decided to suspend all new registrations until we had found and fixed the problem. The security review has now largely been done, (although some small amount of work relating to the database remains).

We will re-open the private community for new registrations on Wednesday Jan 10th.

Please note that the private investors community is ONLY open to Angel Token holders with a minimum of 10,000 Angel Tokens in their wallet.


We are aware that many investors are interested in seeing Angel Token listed on another exchange than EtherDelta (which is not recommended for use by us for security reasons), and likewise there are many people contacting us asking how they can buy Angel Tokens because they missed the ICO.

Therefore Angel Token have now applied to be listed on the following exchanges:

Our application is under consideration with HitBTC.

Our application is under consideration with CoinExchange.

Our application is under consideration with Yobit, but we have paid the premium listing fee of $1600 so our application should be processed (and hopefully approved!) within 7 working days. The $1600 listing fee will be paid from personal funds of the Angel Token founders team.

We understand the importance for many investors of getting Angel Token on an exchange, and because we do not wish to use the ICO funds for these types of expenses, (and since the fund management fee for the Angel Foundation is not yet large enough to cover these type of expenses), we decided to pay this cost ourselves.

We have also applied to get into the voting to be listed on:

In order to get listed on we need strong community support.

The number of votes we get will determine if and how quickly we can get listed. Our general description is still awaiting moderation, but as soon as it has been approved please show your support for Angel Token by voting for us to get listed here:

Please note that only accept a maximum of 50 votes per day, and they will only consider coins with at least 250 votes for listing. Please also read this article to understand how the voting system works and why your vote MAY not always count:

Angel Token Exchange Listing Applications


We are in early stage discussions with the community manager of our first proposed investment.

If we are able to work out what we believe is an acceptable deal with them we will put this investment up for discussion, analysis and a vote inside the Angel Token Private Investors Community.

We will attempt to get this done as soon as possible, but hopefully towards the middle of next week we will have more information.

In our opinion this is a HIGHLY undervalued coin with MASSIVE potential. It is a low-cap coin that has been around for a few years and they have what we believe is a strong development team.

Although their marketing efforts have improved lately we believe that there is still A LOT we can do to help them get the recognition this coin deserves! With us as a team using both paid and free marketing methods, and the Angel Token community behind us the moon is literally the limit for this coin…

Excited yet?

You should be! :)

This will be our first proposed investment and we are personally very excited about the potential of this coin!

However, since we are only in early discussions we do not yet know the outcome, and if there will be a deal or not.

If there is no positive outcome we have several other coins that we have researched and will approach in the upcoming days and weeks.


As has been mentioned previously, during the ICO we were approached by one of the “community leaders” and “an insider” of a well-known established altcoin that we have always liked for various reasons.

We have now received a formal proposal from them.

Although the proposal is somewhat lacking in detail and would be quite demanding for Angel Token, we are now happy for this person, (who is also an Angel Token investor), to come forward and for us all to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this potential partnership inside the Angel Token Private Investors Community if he wishes to do so.

This can happen from early next week as soon as the private community has re-opened and everyone has had a chance to get inside.

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