Unitus is now fully rebranded.

Angel Token
May 1, 2018 · 2 min read

Create a new market research study and get the value the market needs. That is exactly what Unitus did. New UIS website is up now. It looks clean, modern and professional.
New logo, website, wallet design, roadmap and more information about brand new Unitus you can check at https://unituscurrency.com/

As you all know Unitus is Angel Token’s first investment. It is fast, secure, decentralised and accessible for everyone. Among the many coins on the market, Unitus is one that stands out as unbelievably undervalued and with huge potential. It has some unique features that we think are very smart, and with a good team and growing community behind it will rise.

Unitus uses 5 independent algorithms to ensure the blockchain remains secure and can be mined by anyone, regardless of the hardware they have available to them. With a target block time of 60 seconds, the Unitus network facilitates fast transactions and confirmations, and additionally supports a larger number of transactions per second, ensuring the blockchain can support high transaction volume with low cost to users.

As a miner, you can choose 5 different algorithms to mine with. 99% of all coins and blockchain projects don’t have this. Unitus also has Fair Distribution, no pre-mine, no dev tax, and gives miners the ability to mine 100% POW to their blockchain.

We want to congratulate Unitus for their new achievement. Keep moving forward. We got your back.

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