2016 Spec Script Deals Analysis: Genres
Scott Myers

About damned time Hwood execs realised there’s a serious market for dramas for intelligent adults who aren’t the least bit interested in superheroes. My demographic — 50s and over — tend not to pirate content. We tend not to have lots of tech toys competing for our money and time. We grew up going to movies often — for me, it was once a week or once a fortnight.

‘Philomena’ got a lot of older people’s butts on movie seats. When I went, there were women in their 70s and 80s who’d gone with friends or adult daughters— they’d have known girls who were harshly punished for illegitimate pregnancies. It was made for some 6 million British pounds ($10 or 11 million?), and its global gross was some $100million. ‘Titanic’ had an ollder woman in it and — surprise, surprise — older people contributed to making it a success. ‘Hidden Figures’ — made for $25million, and it’s grossed over $127million — and it hasn’t even opened in Australia or the UK yet (tomorrow — yippee!). I’m not sure about its audience demographic but I’ve heard white adults are also turning out for it. I know I will be.

Tell us a ripping yarn (to borrow from Peter Jackson) about interesting characters and quit pouring billions of dollars into churning out visually-spectacular but otherwise completely forgettable garbage.