📢 Friends, I welcome everyone. I want to tell you some news.

1. ✅ We collected the necessary funds to start the construction of the first line of processing of technogenic waste with a capacity of 10,000 tons per year.

2. 🏡 We chose a location for the project. — The plant will be built in close proximity to Thermal Power Station 22 in Moscow, in order to reduce logistics 🚀 when transporting waste.

3. 🏦 For the safety of our investors and in order to accurately assemble the Hard Cap at the main stage of the ICO, we decided to register with the 💹 SEC (www.sec.gov). In this regard, we have decided to postpone the main stage of the ICO for 2–2.5 months.


It is already the fourth week of #PreICO project #Angenium. And if you are interested in our project, but for some reason are still in meditation, we advise you to hurry.

💎Why should you take part in the project during the Pre-ICO?

The fact is that during this period, the Angenium #tokens can be purchased much cheaper than when starting a full-fledged ICO.
After all, at this stage, all participants invest less money, but they get a much higher #profitability in the future.
This is one of the main bonuses to take part in the preliminary ICO #rightnow.

Do not #miss the opportunity to become a member of a #uniqueprojectthat is not in the #world of equal!

📲Wherever you are, in what country you would not live — you can safely take part in our project! Just write us a personal #message and we will get back to you shortly!

The market of crypto-currencies and #ICO is constantly growing, and accordingly the quality level of projects is raised for effective entry into the industry. Against this background, there is a need to engage a third-party consultant who could provide useful advice on all aspects of the ICO. Such third-party consultants are called “#ICOadvisors”.

✍️The word #Adviser, or advisor, means “consultant, adviser”. Actually, the definition itself gives a clear understanding of what the specialist in this position is doing — he advises the developers and the ICO project team on various issues. …

🚀 Friends, I want to share good news!

💎 Soft cap we have collected!

Without waiting for the hard cap collection, we order from the supplier the necessary equipment for the capacity of the plant at 10.000 tons per year.

🏦The net profit of already invested investors in 23 months will be $ 5.5 million (275%).

💹 Listing of tokens on the exchange will be in December 2018

📆 Before the end of the Pre-ICO, there was one week left.

💰 Hurry to invest in our project which brings not only profit, but also huge benefits for humanity and nature

💡Token is an obligatory aspect of any #ICO. If you read our post, then, most likely, are already familiar with this term. Just in case, let’s recall: ICO is a form of crypto-currency crowdfunding. That is, attracting #investments for the #development of the project.

Formally, in a digital glossary, a token is a gadget or an array of characters used to identify users.
To some extent, this “transcription” is also relevant for ICO / #Cryptocurrency. The presence of certain tokens indicates the person’s belonging to the project, is the proof of his participation.
The #token itself can simultaneously be used as a…

#Angenium is a unique project, which has no analogues all over the world, for efficient extraction of noble and rare metals, silicon oxides, aluminum and iron from technogenic #wastes

💰Angenium turns waste into a #jewel!

By our activities, we also want to improve our #ecology — to free thousands of hectares of lost land, thus solving one of the global problems of reducing free land, suitable for living and pollution.

One of the advantages is the use of a chemical method for processing waste (at the molecular level) in a closed loop and a unique highly selective sorbent.

At the…

In May of this year, researchers from the Boston School of Management, Wallace E. Carroll, published a report on the industry of projects for the primary deployment of tokens.

According to the report, users who invested in projects for the initial placement of coins, on average, receive 82% of profits. Crypto-investors are focused on quick profit making, therefore, assess short-term indicators that allow you to quickly make a profit when you release tokens in the market due to the popularity of the topic or the project itself.

In the 54-page report “Digital Tulips. Profit of investors from primary placements of…

In order for tomorrow to be all right, you need to work hard today. This rule particularly accurately describes our relationship with finance. What now seems like a decent amount, can soon lose half of its real purchasing power due to inflation. We can save and increase our means with the help of competent management of them.

Do not think that working with investment only for those who have an impressive amount of money in their hands. Absolutely everyone should be able to manage their savings correctly. Whatever your savings, it is better to put them into action than to…

The population of the Earth is about 7.5 billion people. Every day residents of developed countries drink water from plastic bottles, use disposable dishes, buy packages in stores. What happens next with all this plastic?

The rate of consumption of plastic greatly exceeds the speed of its processing, and it would be nice for everyone to try to change the situation.

1. Buy a reusable water bottle
Own a bottle of water will not only save you from thirst and from unnecessary waste of money, but will also provide an opportunity to experiment with the taste of the drink. …

Crowdfunding is a method of collective financing, based on voluntary contributions. Crowdfunding is used in a wide range of cases: to help people affected by natural disasters, producing goods, creating software, recording music albums, launching or supporting other projects.

ICO (Initial coin offering) is a form of project financing based on a blockchain. The group of developers of cryptoactivity issues a certain number of tokens (analogs of shares) at a fixed price. As the main account of the company, cryptoscores are used, and deposits are accepted exclusively in the crypto currency.

The ICO process included the functions of an IPO…


A company for chemical processing and complete decomposition for useful materials of man-made and ash-and-slag wastes

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